Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fair-Isle Style

I've always loved fair-isle knitting, but I could never find the right pattern for the mittens I wanted so I decided try my hand at making my own. So here it  is- my very first pattern!

Worsted weight yarn 100g of 2 colours
CO : 36 stiches
4mm dpns, join in round

Cuff: 1x1 ribbing ( colour A)
K1, P1 to the end of round
repeat for 21 rounds ( until cuff is around 1.5 inches from CO)
knit one round on to 5mm dpns

work body pattern until 2 inches from cuff  ( roughly 17 rounds)
round 1: *K1,  M1* 10 times K1 till end of round ( make sure you only pick up stitches of colour A when you are making stitches)
round 2: K1, slip 10 stitches onto stitch holder, knit rest of round in pattern
Continue with fair isle pattern until body is 5 inches from thumb ( about 21 rounds)
Decreasing rounds:
Round 1: K1, K2tog, repeat until end of round (24 sts)
Round 2: knit
Round 3: K1, K2tog (16 sts)
Round 4: knit
Round 5: K2tog (8 sts)
Round 6: thread tail through remaining stitches and tie off end.

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